Recognize the Signs of Labor

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By identifying what are the signs of labor, you will understand when it is appropriate to go to the hospital and what can be done when these markers happen to you.

Signs of labor :

Mucus Mixed Blood
Passage of mucus mixed with blood. Occurs due to blockage thick at the cervix despite causing a reddish discharge because of mixed blood.
What to do :
  • Blood and mucus may come out a few days before delivery, so wait until you get regular contractions or water breaks, before you go to the hospital.
  • You should contact your doctor if there is severe bleeding.
Water breaks
Amniotic sac that surrounds the baby breaks out so that the amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid is the fluid that normally clean, clear and odorless).
What to do:
Call your doctor and rushed to the hospital, even if you do not feel the contractions, because it becomes the risk of infection. While on the road can use a sanitary napkin to absorb your amniotic fluid.

Regular contractions
Unlike Braxton Hicks contractions, contractions occur regularly, at first contraction increased only briefly and then longer and grow stronger, and contractions occur symmetrically on both sides starting from the upper stomach near the oviduct to the uterus, and the pain does not disappear / less with break or a caress.
What to do:
When the contractions appear regularly, start to count time.
Record the length of time between one contraction to the next contraction, and duration of contractions. Delivery occurs only when the contractions became closer another 40 seconds between contractions. First deliveries will take place 12-14 hours so you better be waiting at home while resting gather energy for labor. So if you have contractions every 5 minutes once or very sick you can go to the hospital. Do not forget to bring a bag that you have prepared.

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